Children outdoor activity
Posted on 21st April 2020
Outdoor Activity As Important As Formal Education

We understand how important it is for children to return to their formal education, however, their physical health and wellbeing is of equal importance especially during these unprecedented times.

It is important that we offset the negativity of recent events surrounding Covid-19. Children have been restricted from their normal social movements and displaced from their usual learning routines.

Children will be bursting with energy and need to be reintegrated into a class environment.

The Anderton Centre provides a range of land and water based outdoor activities in a safe and exciting environment.

Research supports the benefit of green space and water for wellbeing and we can provide both in abundance.

Children will have fun and learn important interpersonal skills such as taking responsibility, building self-confidence and resilience, and become an effective team player.

Come along for a few hours, a full day or for 2-3 days and take advantage of our fantastic residential and catering facilities.

Contact us on 01254 484 220 or email for more details.