Anderton Outreach

Delivering Outdoor Education in School

As lockdown restrictions are lifted, now is the perfect time to restart, rediscover and reconnect. Did you know, our Outreach Programme is eligible for any Pupil or Summer Catch Up Premium.

Our Outreach Programme can;

Build Confidence

Belief in the powers, trustworthiness, or reliability of oneself. Achieving a new height on our mobile climbing wall despite initial fears or reservations.

Encourage Perseverance

Persistence in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Hitting the central target in our Archery activity.

Ignite Exploration

Investigation of the unknown. Experience new things and learn new skills in our Bushcraft sessions.

Promote Determination

Very strong desire to achieve a goal. Hands on experiences designed to provide difficult yet achievable tasks.

Demonstrate Responsibility

To act or decide on one’s own initiative with consideration to others. Develop an awareness of the world around us and the consequences of an action brings a better understanding and enhanced appreciation of our surroundings.

Inspire Trust

Place confidence and instinctive unquestioning belief in someone or something. Encourage an understanding of how trust plays a key role in working with others.

Strengthen Teamwork

Coordinated effort on the part of a group acting together in the interests of a common cause. Demonstrate an insight into the benefits of working together.


Bush Craft & Environmental Sessions

Includes shelter building and lighting a fire using natural materials with the minimum impact on the environment. An opportunity to safely build, light, maintain and extinguish a small fire in groups. Great for planning, risk awareness and management, teamwork and communication.


Offers a steep learning curve allowing an individual to work on improving self-confidence, concentration and target setting. The activity is accessible to all depending on grounds available. We bring all equipment to school, making use of a sports hall or open space of land (restrictions apply)

Orienteering & Problem Solving

Is great for teamwork and independence, communication, leadership and cognitive thinking. Our qualified team will help map an orienteering course on your site. With games to teach basic map skills such as map orientation, legend symbols, handrails and landmarks then moving on to a completing an orienteering course.

Mobile Climbing Wall

Is great for confidence, teamwork, communication and trust. It gives young people the chance to be part of a climbing team; helping with the safety rope (belaying) and climbing. Our qualified staff will lead the session and provide all the necessary safety equipment.

Max group size: 48 per session

Call 01257 484 220 for a quotation and to check availability