High Rid


High Rid

High Rid Reservoir is a serene water haven, and the Anderton Centre harnesses its tranquil beauty to deliver unforgettable outdoor experiences, fostering personal growth, team building, and a deep appreciation for nature through a range of water-based activities and transformative educational programs.

High Rid Reservoir is the perfect location for smaller groups of up to 40 participants.

Activities available at High Rid include Raft building, Giants Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Sit on Top Kayaking, Rafted Canoeing, Orienteering, and Problem-Solving.

Location: High Rid Reservoir, Bolton, BL6 4LD

If dropping off by car, please park at the end of Fall Birch Rd, and walk up to the site. High Rid Lane is not suitable for vehicles.


Our Prices

Our prices include all food (apart from lunch on day 1 – bring your own from school/home), bedding and equipment/kit hire for your stay.  1 free staff place per 10 student places.

Call 01257 484 220 for a quotation and to check availability


Our Activities

Water and land based outdoor learning activities for school day trips, youth group residential stays and corporate away days.

Exhilarating experience of leaning backwards off a steep drop while being lowered down on a rope.


Archery is the sport, practice, or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows.


Participants work their way around the wall at a low height.

Boulder Wall

Practice of skills and developing knowledge in order to survive and thrive in a natural environment.


Sleeping in an outside area.

Camp & Expedition

Caving is a great activity where you get the chance to experience an environment that many people never will.


Challenges a team to build a tower of crates with a member on top.

Crate Stack

Walking in hills and high land.

Fell Walking

Climb up to stand on a platform high above the ground, then leap off and catch a bar which is dangling a short distance in front of you.

Leap Of Faith

Series of individual and group physical challenges that require a combination of teamwork, skills, and commitment.

Low Ropes

A group of sports that require navigational skills using a map and compass to navigate from point to point.


Process of achieving a goal by overcoming obstacles, a frequent part of most activities.

Problem Solving

Physically and mentally demanding sport, one that often tests a climber's strength, endurance, agility and balance.

Rock Climbing