Posted on 18th February 2021
We Need Your Help

The Wheelyboat Trust and Lancashire Outdoor Activities Initiative have joined forces to raise funds and help the Anderton Centre acquire a fully accessible Coulam Wheelyboat V17 powerboat. The V17 will make a significant difference to our ability to facilitate fully inclusive activities at the Anderton Centre.

The Wheelyboat Trust (

A registered charity (No. 292216) dedicated to providing mobility, learning and sensory impaired people of all ages with independent access to water-based activities such as nature watching, pleasure boating, powerboating and angling in our uniquely designed wheelchair accessible Wheelyboats. We are a small charity that achieves great things: we help venues that are open to the public acquire Wheelyboats for the benefit of their disabled visitors and we help groups and organisations acquire Wheelyboats for their own use. So far we have supplied 210 Wheelyboats to projects on inshore waters, lochs, lakes, reservoirs, rivers and canals all over the UK. Last February, in recognition of the important service we provide, Director Andy Beadsley and the Trust were awarded the prestigious 2020 RYA Sailability #MoreThanSailing award.


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“Having experiences on, or close to nature and water has been proven to improved sense of physical health and well-being, contact with water induces a meditative state that makes us happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and more capable of awe”