Residential holiday activities
Posted on 18th June 2020
Rebuild Relationships With Your Work Colleagues

Many people are feeling disconnected from their work colleagues and we believe we can help rebuild these relationships, enabling people to reconnect, share best practice and discuss how to rebuild their workforce.

We’re very keen to support those who are returning to work after the lockdown as well as those who continue to be furloughed.

With a combination of socially distanced meeting rooms and team building initiatives, our facilities are ideal for all sectors including teachers, those working for the council, as well as anyone working in a commercial environments, large or small.

All of our activities are based around improving the wellbeing of staff and rebuilding relationships.

The Anderton Centre is the perfect place to access the outdoors. This doesn’t have to involve high adrenalin activities, you can simply join us for a guided nature walk or just enjoy a good catch up whilst doing something fun.

We can also develop a bespoke programme tailored to your team to ensure we meet your aims and achieve your outcomes.

There are many benefits for staff teams who take part in regular health and wellbeing activities such as:

  • Having engaged, motivated and happy staff
  • Increasing the productivity and efficiency of your workforce
  • Reducing staff sickness

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