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Bushcraft is learning the skills needed to live within our environment, using only the bare essentials. Working in the natural environment and having only minimal effect on the landscape, plants and creatures around us. This is going back to basics and seeing how our ancestors would have lived. The activity teaches groups to improvise and innovate to work with only basic tools.

Bushcraft is a very popular activity, as it engages participants in the ‘back to basics’ skills which are slowly being lost in this increasingly technological world.

Ray Mears & Bear Grylls have popularised the bushcraft arena and children love to get the opportunity to try it for themselves.
During a session, participants learn about the practicalities of creating shelters and making fires through guided experiential learning. Depending on the type of group and your aims, this might then progress to the safe use of knives & basic cooking skills, including making a form of quick bread called Bannock. Later in the activity, the groups get to toast marshmallows and make popcorn, a great way to reward themselves for all the hard work.

Our instructors are passionate about bushcraft and it’s amazing to see the groups develop as the activity progresses. Bushcraft isn’t just lighting a fire, groups could come every week for a two-hour session and we could keep coming up with new things to try.
Bushcraft also gives the groups a chance to learn about history, maths, science and food technology …. All with added popcorn and marshmallows…. School never got more interesting !!!

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