Mobile climbing wall
Posted on 27th November 2020
Mobile Climbing Wall For The North West Of England

Our new mobile climbing wall is now available throughout the north west of England

Climbing utilises the mind and the body to achieve success and provides a full body workout helping achieve fitness goals, helping strengthen core muscles, test stamina as well as balance and endurance.  Also, climbing as a team promotes communication, focus, determination and perseverance in addition to other valuable life skills.

We are excited to announce the acquisition of a mobile climbing wall which will be available for educational establishments and community groups as well as for events run by businesses across the North West and for individuals who are hosting events or parties. It can be set up almost anywhere, preferably on a hard-standing surface.

Click here to see how much fun wall climbing can be

The benefits of climbing


Climbing combines both cardio and strength exercises in a single workout. It takes a lot of strength to cling to a wall. The activity simultaneously engages different muscle groups, so the more you climb, the stronger your arms and hands will get, dramatically improving grip and developing toned shoulders. Over time, climbing can also develop a powerful neck, back, and thighs. A study by the Journal of Human Kinetics in 2011 showed that avid climbers have lower body fat and body mass indexes than most of their non-climbing counterparts.


Climbing can boost confidence as it provides the opportunity to challenge yourself, tapping into the mind and body’s limitless potential. Climbers will continuously find themselves stepping outside of their comfort zone and persisting despite the odds, learning to deal with any fears such as falling and fear of heights. This in turn will help individuals persevere in handling difficult situations and obstacles that may come their way.


The benefits of climbing exceed the physical. It improves problem solving skills as well as stimulating cognitive abilities. Movements made whilst climbing require problem solving, space and body awareness as well as focussing on grip and shifting body weight. Climbing can also encourage the setting of goals, encouraging working towards achieving them.


Climbing is a unique team building exercise where people must work together with a strategy to ascend successfully and safely. It requires effort and co-operation from all members to be able to function and work effectively. A team cannot be successful without teamwork.

Instructors and Participant Numbers

  • All instructors are highly experienced and fully qualified.
  • Group sessions are based on a 1:10 ratio with average session times of one hour. Additional Instructors are based on 1:10
  • The climbing wall can be booked as part of our outreach program, which, depending on surroundings can include Archery, Bushcraft, Orienteering, Problem Solving and Water Safety.


The wall receives regular cleaning and sanitisation and all staff have completed COVID awareness training to help mitigate the spread of the virus.

For further information or to make a booking, please get in touch by calling 01257 484220 or