Posted on 16th December 2019
Ex Anderton Centre employee builds kitchen for Kenyan school

Lancashire Outdoor Activities Initiative, the charity which runs the Anderton Centre

has a longstanding relationship with the Army Cadet Force (ACF) and contributes towards their provision for young people to increase opportunities available to them.

Former Anderton Centre employee Georgina Martin recently returned from a trip to Kenya where she and her fellow Cadet Force Adult Volunteers have been helping those less fortunate by building a new kitchen for a school so every child will get one hot meal per day.

They also renovated some of the classrooms and learning areas as well as set up a football academy so children in the village and other local schools have the opportunity to play sport.

Georgina and her 20 fellow army cadets from across the UK were delighted to get the opportunity to take part in this project over 10 days.  Georgina explained “The trip was life changing for some of our cadets; some had never been on a plane before or been away from home for longer than a weekend! The trip combined with the incredible difference they have made to the school in Segana in Kenya was a fabulous achievement.”

Lots of effort went into the trip before the cadets even got on the plane. Through the support of local businesses plus charities including Lancashire Outdoor Activities Initiative the ACF was able to make this trip much more affordable for cadets families by heavily subsidising the trip. Many contributions also went towards the building materials for the school project.

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