Posted on 12th April 2021
The Prince’s Trust Preston Group

To: the team at the Anderton Centre,

We just wanted to take the opportunity to say a big thank you to all your staff (James, Tony, Savannah, Mark, Jonnie and Mike the chef especially) for a fantastic week residential.

The staff mentioned were outstanding to our group and extremely patient/accommodating to their requests. For instance, there was an afternoon we finished our scheduled activities early and some of the group expressed interest in trying archery again. James, Mark and Jonnie were very accommodating and went out of their way to see if the archery course was free, and quickly arranged for our group to use it. Gestures like this really made our week and for that we thank you. Mike was particularly outstanding in looking after our group. He was extremely flexible with our dietary requirements and also came out for a chat to make sure we we’re all well looked after. All meals and snacks we had with you were delicious. Every staff member we came across was extremely friendly and smiley (even the reception ladies we passed in the corridor always welcomed us with a big smile).

Big shout out to Savannah for making the group’s week with the water activities! She was a star and great with the group!

Thank you again for all your patience, support and looking after us for a great week!

Sally-Ann Myerscough

Preston Deepdale Programme Team Leader

Lancashire Fire & Rescue Service

Prince’s Trust