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At the Anderton Centre we pride ourselves on being flexible and client centric

Whilst some Centres measure success by the number of activities groups manage to complete, we feel it is better to give every child the opportunity to fully engage with and complete an activity. We do not have a strict timetable regardless if someone hasn’t had a chance to take part in an activity. We work closely with the lead teacher to discuss an extension on one activity and a shorter time on something else to allow enough flexibility for the group to achieve their objectives and outcomes.

We run the Centre for your benefit, not ours

Each group has difference needs, capabilities and preferences and we work with you to tailor the day(s) so help you get the most from your stay with us. We endeavor to always go the extra mile to support you.

Feedback from our teachers is that the flexibility is one of the main things they like about the Anderton team. You are not just a number to us and you are not just channeled through a system.

We deliver activities that challenge children at the appropriate level and give them the chance to achieve and develop over their time at the Anderton Centre. We also continue to develop and improve these activities wherever we can, recently we have updated and improved our Archery area and added a new Boulder Wall which is a real hit with the groups who have recently visited.

We know the importance of providing the right balance within the programme including a range of adventure activities, themed problem solving sessions, water sports sessions, activities that will challenge, activities that will develop teamwork, activities that will stimulate the imagination and activities that present fantastic learning opportunities in a way that goes beyond what can be offered in a classroom environment.

For a residential stay, activity sessions typically start around 1.00pm on the first day and finish at 1.00pm on the final day of your course. Details can be confirmed when making and/or enquiring about a particular booking.

As with most other Centres we have a price variance across the year. This is a normal way of working in the service industry.

We understand that most schools would love to bring their groups in late May after the SATS have finished but this is also our busiest and most expensive time to book. For schools who are working to a tight budget we suggest you try and book for November through to February for a more competitive price.

We are open all year round and tailor the activities to accommodate the weather. What better way to warm up after an activity session than sitting round a roaring camp fire with hot chocolate in the winter months and reflecting on the day’s activities

Our group leaders take care to ensure that children are always correctly kitted out for the weather conditions. Although we will give the children a level of responsibility to prepare for each activity themselves, we always get the group together before they start a session to ensure they are properly kitted out.

We always ensure children have suitable waterproof and windproof outer layers. As the saying goes “there is no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing”. Whatever the weather our groups have a great time, sometimes it just needs some more preparation.

Although activities can successfully take place in poor weather conditions, our team will always assess the weather before the morning team briefing and if there is any concerns, we always err on the side of caution and offer alternatives inside. Safety is of the utmost importance and we will not take chances. Where necessary, the Chief Instructor and/or Centre Manager will work with the school lead to agree alternatives which meet the objectives but considering the weather restrictions.

Our Activities are focused on developing children’s skills in the following areas as a minimum

Whatever theme you choose to focus on, a residential at the Anderton Centre also provides a wonderful opportunity for children to develop two key areas of National Curriculum Essentials for Learning:

During the course of an Anderton Centre programme, children will:

Institute for Outdoor Learning Adventure Activities Licensing Authority RYA Sailability RYA Training British Canoeing Mountain Training Council for Learning Outside The Classroom