Primary Day – KS2 Day Visits

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From day visits to overnight residential stays with evening activities til 8.30pm every night, our fully qualified outdoor instructors make sure that a trip to the Anderton Centre is among the highlights of the student’s year.  Even better, we can programme your visit to ensure that areas of the curriculum are brought to life and classroom learning made relevant with practical applications and skills. Our bushcraft course engages students in utilising their maths, science and food technology skills as a minimum. What better way to learn than by having fun and putting the theory into practice!!

Sample Lower KS2 day visits

Session 1
Session 2
Curriculum Links
Year 3Star Orienteering
Map Symbols
Low Ropes
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities (PE)
  • Use 8 compass points (Geog)
  • Team building & Communication (PSD)
Year 4Archery
Fire Building
Bread making
Introduction to open rafted canoeing (Beginners paddle skills)
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities (PE)
  • Outdoor Campfire cooking (DT)
  • First hand practical experience (Sc)
  • The water cycle (Geog)

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Year 3 and Year 4

Our outdoor learning gets more adventurous as children are a bit taller and stronger and so can take on the more physical challenge of rowing, rope work and climbing.   Paddling skills begin in Year 4 and progress through to Year 6.

Our fully qualified instructors are experienced in developing the communication and social elements of team work whilst building students’ self-esteem and confidence, with laughter and fun!

We are flexible – you can mix and match in KS2.  Here’s what a Year 5 pupil thought of the Year 4 fire-building and bread-making session with open-rafted canoeing and team games in the afternoon:

Sample Upper KS2 day visits

Session 1
Session 2
Curriculum Links
Year 5Orienteering course
Crate Stack
or Tree Climb
Open rafted canoeing
Competitive team games
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities (PE)
  • Navigation/Map reading (to British Orienteering standards)
  • Air and water resistance (Sc)
  • Problem Solving
Year 6“The Survival Games”
Lake orienteering with off-site campfire lunch
  • Take part in outdoor and adventurous activities (PE)
  • Use 8 compass points (Geog)
  • Outdoor campfire cooking (DT): Minimal ecological footprint

Year 5 and Year 6

Day visit programmes can also be easily adapted to include a residential – ideal as a one night taster for Year 5s. Year 6s could have an activity day to look forward to after SATs to let off steam.
Or how about an ‘End of an Era Summer Trip’ as a Year 6 leavers’ treat?

Stone Age Experience (Y3, 4, 5 and 6)

A day trip to remember – ideal for budding Flintstones studying the Stone Age in Year 3 – but we can adapt it to be suitable for Year 4s, 5s and 6s too.

A full day visit covers four outdoor activities; for half a day visit just choose two activities.   We can tailor it to fit into your school day:

Areas of the curriculum and topics can include the following:  

Let us know if your pupils have a particular focus area in class and our instructors can concentrate on specific outputs for your outdoor learning (eg, food, clothing, building materials, ecology)

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