Preparing for Your Visit

Please ask parents to label clothing either by writing or stitching their child’s name on the inside where it can be easily seen.

Please encourage every member of your party to bring a named water bottle with them. This can be re-filled in the dining hall throughout the day.

Please let your group know that they’ll need to wear long sleeves and long trousers for most activities – and long hair must be tied back.

Anderton Centre staff are fully trained in first aid, but we can’t give out or administer medication. Please ensure any member of your party who requires medication, including asthma inhalers, brings it with them. This includes sun cream during warmer weather.

From time to time, for example during lunch breaks there will be times when there are no activities running. Please bring your own games for use at these times.

Please ask your party to bring roll-on deodorants, fire alarms are sensitive to some aerosols.

We strongly suggest all students turn their lights out by 10.30pm. If your pupils aren’t asleep by this time, please ask them to remain quiet. They might like to bring books or cards to entertain them before bed for this reason.

We have a small shop on Centre where students can buy souvenirs and snacks. We recommend pupils bring no more than £15 for a 3 day stay and £30 for a five day stay.

Mobile signals can be intermittent at our Centre so please use our landline number as an emergency contact for your trip.

Anderton Centre can’t accept liability for the loss of any personal property your party may bring. That’s why we ask you not to bring anything valuable, including expensive clothing and footwear, mobile phones, handheld games consoles, etc.

Parties are divided into groups of up to 10. It is up to you who goes in which group, and you may want to give this some thought before arrival to save time and let the groups get on with activities sooner.

Once you have received your programme and bedroom allocation, we recommend you share this with your group before arrival at the Centre.

Upon arrival, we will ask you to sign a ‘Guest number confirmation form’ agreeing the number of students and adults in your party. We will check this form against our own booking record.

If any member of your group has their birthday while on Centre, we’d be happy to supply a birthday cake for a small additional charge.

During wet weather, outdoor shoes must go in the boot racks available and guests can only wear indoor shoes inside the accommodation

Guests can use the drying facilities on Centre – and in certain circumstances washing facilities will also be available

You can park on Centre but we can’t be held responsible for any loss or damage

If you tick the following list and include it with your child’s things, they will be able to check it before the leave and ensure they have packed everything that arrived with them

Please make sure all personal items are labelled with the child’s name.

Jeans or trousers
Jumpers or sweatshirts
Anorak or waterproof jacket
Old shoes Socks
Dressing gown
Night clothes suitable for the dormitories
Tracksuit or similar
Towel – for showering
Towel – Additional for water activities
Wash bag with soap, flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant (non-aerosol
only) and brush
Plastic bag for dirty clothes
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