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Peace of mind, safeguarding and wellbeing

Anderton Centre creates and maintains an inspiring and adventurous environment that allows us to have a positive impact on the lives of young people, whilst protecting them from harm.

We have carried out detailed risk assessments of all aspects of the Anderton Centre, including activity sessions and other areas. We review and update these assessments on a regular basis and ensure that children are not placed in risk situations. Copies of our risk assessments can be requested from our team

The Anderton Centre is committed to protecting the safety of the children that visit our Centre and ensuring that they are in an environment within which they feel safe and happy.

We ensure our safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice.

We have a rigorous programme of activity session assessments to ensure everyone is working to the right standard. We also instill an attitude of safety as a state of mind; such that all staff have safety as their highest priority whatever is happening.

Group sizes

We know that some other Centres have a minimum of 20 children per group. At the Anderton Centre our maximum is 10. We are committed to safety and to personalising the experience to the benefit of the client also, being a smaller Centre, we are able to be more flexible in our approach to client needs.

We work with Special Needs schools and other smaller charitable organisations who wish to have a more personal and tailored programme and this is where our family style Centre comes into its own.

We can cater for up to 160 on site per day but we can also cater for a group of 10. We work with you to provide exactly what you need.

Safety and staff

All Anderton Centre staff are vetted, inducted and trained to the highest levels. Instructors are trained to recognise each individual child’s own capabilities and teach to his/her individual level and pace. To maintain this standard throughout their employment with Anderton Centre, all staff are monitored to ensure compliance with our health and safety procedures. All activities have rapid access to first aid trained staff and facilities.

All our staff wear identification badges and uniforms at all times, with all visitors and teachers required to wear a security badge.

Safety and standards

The Anderton Centre is assessed annually by RYA and AALA to ensure we are meeting the high standards expected of outdoor education providers. We also conduct rigorous internal health and safety audits and operate comprehensive risk assessments on all activities. Our Centre has full emergency procedures, safety systems and security arrangements.

Safety and supervision

For most activities, children are placed into groups of no more than 10. All of our activities take place in safe secure environments that are appropriate to provide a safe introduction to adventure activities for groups of 7 to 11 year olds.

Our strict supervision policy ensures that children are always accompanied by Anderton Centre instructors or their own teaching and support staff. Between 9.00 pm and 9.00 am and at meal and break times, they are supervised by their teachers. Teachers are in loco parentis throughout the visit. Outside of activity session we provide space and activities for the teachers and support staff to self-programme and spend time with their group reflecting on the activities and the learning they can take from the day.

We believe that all groups need some down time to help them feel refreshed for the next activity or the next day.

The Anderton Centre has clearly defined boundaries. The Centre has CCTV in operation and teacher and party leader rooms are situated close to their students. The Anderton Centre Duty Manager and all of our instructors are first-aiders and are on call throughout the day, with overnight caretaker cover.

Safeguarding and wellbeing

We give all our employees, party leaders and site visitors badges so you can easily identify them. We adopt a ‘challenge no badge’ policy and all of our centres have a sign in/sign out process. We actively encourage young people to voice any concerns and to never be afraid to ask for help.

Emergency procedure

All of our staff are trained first aiders and we procedures in place just in case an emergency should occur. Information will be available at the Centre upon your arrival should you need to take a member of your party to hospital during your visit, however we do ask that you bring sufficient funds with you to cover transport to and from Centre should this event occur.

Fire safety

We take all groups through a fire briefing on arrival day, or within 24 hours of arriving on site so everyone knows exactly what to do in the event of an emergency.

If the fire alarm sounds, our priority is to evacuate the building and account for every occupant as soon as possible. To do this, we will need your help. When we send your dormitory allocations and agree your provisional programme, we will ask you to split your students into activity groups of no more than 10.

If there is a fire alarm, students will line up with their activity group leader be counted. This is why it is so important that you complete and return the fire safety form along with the name of at least one nominated adult for each group.

This adult will not have to stay with the group for all activities but will be responsible for the group members when reporting to our Fire Marshall. Please note, nominated adults should give us a copy of their group’s list on arrival so we have a spare and they will need to keep a copy with them at all times.

If there are more adults than activity groups in your party, please add additional adults to the fire lists so we can account for them.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is available in our Information pack. Please ensure that your group have all read and understood this before you arrive at the Centre. Party leaders are responsible for ensuring all guests stick to the rules during their stay.


The food is good and there is plenty of it! As well as toast and cereals, we provide a full cooked breakfast should that be what you want.

At lunch time, we typically provide a sandwich or baked potatoes with fillings or soup, fruit and yoghurts.

We provide a cooked evening meal, pasta Bolognese or home-made chicken goujons for example, followed by a tasty dessert.

Meals vary throughout the year with more hot food and hot soup available over winter time.

There is always a vegetarian option and special diets can be catered for as required as long as we are notified in advance. We aim to provide healthy meals that will appeal to the children in order that they get the energy intake they need to fuel their adventures at the Anderton Centre.


Children sleep in rooms of typically 3-4 beds with all bedding provided and ensuite facilities.

Mobile phone policy

Children are welcome to bring their mobile but we recommend you make sure this is insured as our policy doesn’t cover mobile phones. We are unable to accept any responsibility for mobile phones and have clear policies on their use, in particular that they may not be used during activities, meal times or after children have retired for the night or used by other children.

Please don’t bring these items:

Expensive designer trainers and clothing, MP3 players, tablets, too much money, games consoles, skateboards, pen knives, lighters and matches, food (your child will get plenty at camp!), expensive cameras, stereos, aerosols (e.g. deodorants, hairspray) and torches.

Lost and found

The Anderton Centre accepts no responsibility for guests’ items left on camp. When contacted, we will however, make every effort to locate lost items and return them to you subject to a postage and packaging charge.

Further Information

We offer wireless internet for the teachers. Please ask our Reception Team for the passcode

Additional party leader information available on request:

Check our Tips and Advice section on the website for further useful information. Your Information manual is normally emailed out when a provisional booking is made, but if you would like to see a copy before then please just ask.

Don’t forget to fill in and return your forms at least six weeks before arrival – without them we can’t plan your programme or allocate your group to their dormitories.

Please complete and return these forms to us before arrival:

Please complete and bring with you your group’s Fire Safety Form

Preview visits to Anderton Centre

We welcome visits from prospective clients. If you would like to visit the Centre before you book or prior to your visit we would gladly welcome you and one of our activity staff will show you around and discuss your requirements. Just call the reception team to arrange a visit.

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