Q. Do you cater for food allergies?
A. Yes, we cater for all types of food allergies and religious food requirements. We ask that you let our reception team know at least 2 weeks prior to your visit to allow our catering team to source the necessary ingredients and produce a suitable menu.

Q. Is there a tuck shop?
A. Yes, the Centre has a well-stocked tuck shop in reception offering a wide variety of sweets, crisps, drinks and icecreams

Q. Is there staff available on site in the evening to support or teaching staff?
A. Yes, we have an onsite caretaker on site during all visits who is available until 11pm and on call on site from 11pm to 7am

Q. What experience does Anderton Centre have in working with schools and groups?
A. Anderton Centre has been delivering high-quality residential education programmes to schools for over 20 years. All instruction is given by our team of professionally qualified outdoor instructors supported by our dedicated Centre management team. We constantly review our programmes to ensure we are offering a great quality experience for all our visitors.

Q. Will children need additional pocket money?
A. All children’s needs are catered for but the Anderton Centre does have a tuck shop where children can purchase refreshments and snacks. We recommend young people to bring no more than £5-10 during their stay.

Q. What are your accommodation arrangements like?
A. The majority of our bedrooms sleep between 3 to 4 in bunk beds in each room. Sheets, duvets and pillows are provided. All rooms are en-suite.

Q. Can parents telephone their children?
A. In special circumstances, of course. However, it has been our experience that parents phoning their children just to talk often makes the children’s time away from home harder, rather than easier.

Q. What care is available during the night?
A. Teachers and party leader rooms are located nearby to young people’s dormitories so that they are never too far away in case care is needed. Our Centre has a night duty caretaker on call throughout the night.

Q. What is included in the booking price?
A. Your booking price covers: fully supervised centre-based Programmes, comfortable accommodation and freshly prepared, healthy meals.

Q. When is bedtime?
A. Our evening activities typically end around 8.30pm. We suggest a lights-out policy of 10pm but this may vary depending on the age of the group and their teachers’ preferences.

Q. Will my child cope?
A. All Anderton Centre staff are trained to take responsibility for the well-being of the children who are in their care. We have found that the best way to help children cope with being away from home is to keep them busy. Most children have so much fun being with new friends and old alike and taking part in new and exciting activities that it’s usually the parents that worry more than the children. If a child was worried our anxious though we would work with the school / party leader to address any concerns and contact the parents if this was required.

Q. What about children with special needs?
A. Anderton Centre is committed to an inclusive approach and values the involvement of all young people. We can support special needs students with many of their requirements as long as teachers make us aware of them at the time of
booking. We’re happy to provide extra support to those who are used to taking part in activities with the rest of their classmates – but if we think it won’t prove a positive
experience for them, that it might prove overwhelming, or that we’re not equipped to cope with a specific situation, we’ll let you know.

Q. What’s the food like?
A. Our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are all created for healthy living.
Menus vary day-to-day according to the season but there is always a choice of hot
and cold dishes, vegetarian options and fresh salad or vegetables. Our meals are served in communal dining areas. We’re happy to cater for special faith or dietary requirements if we are informed well in advance.

Q. Will our child mix with others from different schools or groups?
A. Our Centre usually have several schools and groups staying at any one time, but children will all stay together throughout the day. Students may meet at lunchtimes or evening down time. Students from different schools never share the same dorms.

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