Corporate Activity Days & Team Building

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The Anderton Centre has been delivering highly successful Corporate Activity Days since 2009. Our beautiful private terrace gardens, conference facilities and outdoor activities, provides the ideal setting for any team away day.

Our unique environment and qualified and experienced instructors will help to develop effective teamwork, improve communication, solve leadership difficulties and identify other issues which can affect the workforce such as change-management, organisational restructures and bonding teams who may work across a wide geographical area.

Choose from our most popular challenge packages or request a bespoke team building event.

Challenge Packages

All sessions are led by our fully qualified and experienced instructors and all safety equipment is provided.

Communication Challenge

Participants: Minimum 16; Maximum 60.
Time: 2 – 3 hours, participant numbers dependant.
Designed to create healthy competition between teams, the Communication Challenge puts fun at the top of the agenda and is suited to larger groups. Each team takes part in various problem-solving activities to earn points. Ideal for bonding new teams, end of project celebrations, developing communication and problem-solving skills.

Adventure Challenge

Participants: Minimum 8; Maximum 30.
Time: 3 hours
Teams work together to complete adventurous activities. The Adventure Challenge is perfect for teams who are ready to push themselves to the next level. It builds trust, encourages leadership, promotes personal development, supportive behaviour, and responsibility.

Choose 2 outdoor activities from Crate Stack, Leap of Faith, Low Ropes, Abseil, Tree Climb or Jacobs Ladder (See Land Activities for details of each session)

Wellbeing Day

Raft Building 

Participants: Minimum 8; Maximum 40.
Time: 3 hours

Teams build their own raft from logs and barrels, to race around a pre-defined course on Lower Rivington Reservoir. Perfect for discovering and developing team roles, communication and leadership. If a team fails to communicate effectively and work together, it may be a wet day for some!

Rivington Challenge

Participants: Minimum 8; Maximum 42.
Time: 3 hours

The Rivington Challenge combines both water and land-based activities. Teams race rafted canoes across Lower Rivington Reservoir, then compete in an Orienteering Challenge in Lever Park. Ideal for developing a teams communication skills, co-operation and effectiveness.

Guided Walk & Orienteering

Participants: Minimum 8; Maximum 60.
Time: 3 hours

Enjoy a gentle guided walk to Lever Park then learn to navigate and complete an orienteering course. Perfect for bonding new teams and re-energising existing ones.

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