Many of our schools return year on year and apart from the fantastic facilities one of the reasons is our helpful and friendly staff

Anderton Centre staff are friendly, experienced, confident, conscientious, professional and fun. They have lots of personality and are very aware of young people’s needs. Our staff are here to help young people have a fulfilling and enjoyable visit.

All staff appointments are subject to DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) checks and suitable references.

All our staff undergo a local induction training course which ensures that they carry out activities not only in a safe and secure way but to the high standards expected at the Anderton Centre, where we place the client at the centre of everything we do.

Each group will have a tailored package dependent on the objectives and outcomes they have requested before the visit. Our instructors are highly skilled in adapting the sessions to suit varying outcomes, the capabilities and strengths of the group and also any personal boundaries the clients may have.

Outdoor activities are about pushing boundaries, but we never push anyone beyond their comfort zone. Our instructors are here for the benefit of the client and we aim to give every single client an enjoyable stay.

To ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience, we do use different activity leaders on sessions including water sports sessions, themed problem solving sessions, activities at height and a range of others.

Our staff work with children in overcoming different challenges, developing different skills and developing teamwork with others. By having an activity specialist, we ensure that every activity is carried out to the fullest and every child has an expert leading their group. We find that generalist leaders aren’t able to put their heart and soul into the sessions unlike those that have a real passion for the activity.
We all know that when we love to do something it shines though. We want the children that visit us to pick up on this infectious enthusiasm and leave the Centre talking at a million words a minute about what a fantastic day they have had. Sometimes it’s hard to tell who is enjoying the days more, our staff or the children.

KS1 and KS2 children who are often used to having one member of staff for the entire curriculum, benefit from our activity-based leadership style, giving them the opportunity to experience different communication styles and interact with both male and female instructors. Socialisation skills are essential for child development and all our activities have this at the heart of our ethos.

Our staff work with you to provide the best experience for all

Anderton Centre staff are timetabled to look after children throughout their stay, including an overnight caretaker on duty and on call should you need them.

The management team are available during normal office hours should you need to discuss anything.

We know from experience and feedback that the best way for the teachers and children to fully benefit from the activities is for the teachers to be fully included in the events. Only by being hands on can the teachers really experience what the children do. By being involved, the teachers can be part of the feedback and can relive the day’s events back at school following the visit. Our experienced staff lead the activities and involve teachers at a level which they are comfortable.

Feedback from teachers is that by being fully included, the children get to see them in a different scenario and really get to interact with them on more of a level playing field than the usual ‘us and them’ of a classroom situation.

The teaching staff really seem to enjoy letting their hair down and toasting marshmallows with the groups. Why would you want to miss out on that!!!!

Our activities are a great way to bring the school curriculum to life. Fractions, angles and basic math all play a part in shelter building. Science and food technology in bushcraft and camp fire. Geography and map reading are the basis of our orienteering, but so much more fun than sitting in four walls. Work with us to really bring your curriculum to life.

Once the activities are done for the day, our instructors will review the day with the group and pull out key themes and achievements. Feedback is so important to the objectives of groups and we find that having teachers involved during the day allows them to be more involved in these feedback sessions and also to have takeaways from the day to keep learning back in the classroom. The lessons from the Anderton Centre shouldn’t finish just because you’ve gone home.

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